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ID some Wearever nibs please
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Wear Ever nibs,

As a stupid Noobie five months ago, Id gotten a box of Esterbrooks and Wearevers off of EBay.

First thing I did was take all the sections off of both, because I was going to order some sacs.

Well I started buying fountain pens on EBay, and spent that part of my allowance.

Having spent too much money on EBay, I am forced to budget next month, buying the sacs for 8 Wearevers, and as many Easties.

My problems is quite simple. Id not checked to see what those Wearevers wrote.
I have 10 nibs for 8 Wearevers.

Id rather know what they wrote before, shoving them on pens.

I have four pretty Wearvers from 1939-441 or so. One from the 70s and three from the 60s including a push button one. Thanks to Dave Lively, ex-collection pictures, I have an idea from when the pens are.

The pictures of the nibs dont come out, old camera, stupid operator. The ones of the pens came out.

2 narrow Plain stainless steel (usa) with circle key hole. The one with the up turned tip goes to the fake Parker 51 section. They are fines.

8365 says steno, and has a plate of metal on it. So I imagine that is fine, or is that extra fine?

8363 says medium on it.

What is a Duragold (gold wash gone) 4 number on the shaft under where it would be stuck in the pen, 4233.

Silver Palladium alloy usa, with no number, it looks fine to very fine.

Velvet point 6, (gold wash half off were I got rid of some corrosion where it goes under the section.) Could be a medium.

Weaever usa, and nothing else looks like a fine.

An Iridium usa looks fine.

The Wing Flow looks fine but both it and the Duragold have a nib tip that is extended two and a bit longer out of the end of the nib than the others. Does any one know what that is good for.

Are any of them flexible nibs.

Does any one know where to get Wearever broad, or BB nibs, in I think I have enough fine nibs (one many be extra fine), and would not tend to use them in a rotation perhaps if only one was a medium, and the rest fine.

(((I was looking in my copied info, and found out that with a fine flexible, you have to use an extremely light hand. So the Mercedes flexible Oblique fine is now just a tad toothy instead of the ham handed scratchy I had thought it to be. As soon as I get my gold smith up on fixing nibs, Im going to have her do something minor, so I can press on the nib a bit and do magic)))

That too is a reason Id like to get some broader nibs for the Wearevers.

If you look at the old Wearevers, in the picture, it would be nice to whopp them all into a rotation on one day.BB or Broad, medium, fine and extra fine.

I defiantly have enough other pens in medium.

The Ebay box that started it all


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Good to see you back over here!

The Steno (8365), and medium (8363) nibs are for Pennant model pens. These are the models from the 50's/early 60's with the aluminum caps.

Of the pens you have pictured (very nice, BTW), I can identify two- the brown, and the red one in the back are "Deluxe 100" models. The imprint may still be visible on them!
These pens had a GP nib that read "Special Alloy".

DWL can give a better explanation on the rest! smile.gif



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A Wearever broke out of Jail yesterday. He was caught hiding under the back of the keyboard, today. The nib was a Signiture 4...gold color usa.....
Another fine nib ..... it looks like all but one of my Wearever nibs are fine ,with one exra fine.
I have no idea what the nibs numbers are supposed to mean.

The Ebay box that started it all
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