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Post Info TOPIC: Playing around on the workbench this afternoon and built a pretty funky cool franken set


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Playing around on the workbench this afternoon and built a pretty funky cool franken set
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This all started off as a general stroll through the parts bins and trays to see what was what & what I had. I spotted an interesting el cheapo Italian syringe filler section & filler unit with a cool overlayish sort of thing on the section. Took it apart & noticed the crapola rolled tip steel nib was very close in size to a nice generous medium 14K Wahl nib I'd spotted earlier in a beat up Envoy(?). Cleaned everything up in the US cleaner, a dab of silicon grease for the filler & dropped the 14K upgrade in, reassembled the unit and set it aside. 

Started thinking about a cap & barrel. looked over all of my stray bits & nuttin' fit right. Spied a Parker 21 desk pen barrel waving at me. It juuuuust about fit but was a hairbit too narrow at the barrel mouth, so a quick swipe with a file and it was in business. 

Inked it up and adjusted the flow & smoothed it out. Writes like a dream. Nice & moist but not too wet. Cool I have a new pen, now where to park it when not in use. 

OK desk set time. 

I remembered a small sheaffer agate desk base in a box. Found it. Went to the desk base parts drawer. Found an old socket that semi fit the section. A couple of passes with the dremmel and a cone shaped grinding bit& it fits like it was factory made. Spent a few minutes finding a swivel that fit the hole and a screw/cone washer combo that worked. 

So here it is finished product. I still need to polish the brass and give the pen a good buffing but for the most part she's back in service. What cha think?

It would look so much better with a black section,but ya gotta work with what ya got.

Ok, so here's what I'm thinking. Everyone around me that's interested in pens has a desk set or single pen they use regularly. From a sales stand point I wouldn't get much of anything out of this regardless of how well it writes. It wouldn't get much of any use if I kept it here as i have a really cool 51 desk set I built & use all of the time. 

SO, what I'd like to do is give it away to someone who will use it regularly or pass it along to someone who will. 

Any takers?

Vintagedelights01@gmail.com with your address



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