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Post Info TOPIC: Confessions of a Esterbrook Collector


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RE: Confessions of a Esterbrook Collector
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I have 4 green tops that are completely different than the barrel I have. I have 4 of at least 6 different shade's of gray.
I have four different shades of blue pens.

I still do not see why they should all be called blue, green, or gray, in they are all some what different. My four Blue shades are closer to a core color. A couple are snaky, a couple are blaa blue.

Black is black that is the only given color I've seen in Esterbrooks. I imagine white too, but I only have a white barrel.

I defiantly don't have the money to waste buying 20 or more Greens in hopes of getting some 12 that when switched around will be an antiquate match.

Garder snake green is different from Yellow Spring leaf green, or that Deep Summer leaf green of your pen.

I guess I'll never match those green caps, nor that green barrel. Here and there are folks with various green caps and no barrel or barrels with no caps, or hugely mismatched Esterbrook pens.....
I guess all one can do it throw them away? In that there is no way to get a proper match...according to you.
According to me, matches could be made.

Don't see any reason to figger out the two or four missing gray Esterbrook either. Wanted some sort of light gray Esterbrook...four each.
Sort of stupid way of approaching things.

Often it takes a viewpoint that is not "established" to change things. And IMO which is as good as yours, is that the color variations should be named and categorized.

You are set in your ways. You will never have the time, the will to see about making said chart, because of the way you are.

I had thought the Esterbrook community could come together, dream up some neat names, or steal names from EBay and supply a picture, in a pinned thread.

It seemed easy enough. Everyone could have a little fun, and get some structure and clarity in the color variations.

I looked at my 1948-52 gray Esterbrook and thought it dull. I looked on your com, and others and saw I wanted a snaky copper, a snaky blue and a snaky red.

I still need two reds, one snaky and the other not.

Having gotten 3 grays with my Ebay box, along with the scatter of greens I changed my mind and started liking grays and greens.

Be sort of stupid to put it on Ebay,...... green Easty with three spare green tops, and some one would be up set that they don't come close to matching....but he can't bitch...they are all green.

Just because you have a lot of different sized screwdrivers you use as crow bars, don't mean some one who says use a crow bar is wrong.

The Ebay box that started it all


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You know what?  Call them whatever you want.  Pee Green, Lime Green, Kiwi Green.  I don't care.  Do whatever you have to do to get your green pens whole if it bothers you that much.  Or, if Esterbrook pens are so inconsistent that it drives you this crazy, find another pen to collect.  Sheaffer's are nice pens, not too expensive for lever fillers, and have gold nibs to boot.  But wait, you'd have to worry about variances in discoloration if you had one with a darker barrel than cap.

If my outspoken "established" opinion doesn't sit so well for you, then by all means, try and see if you can get this organized.  Get good photographs and put up a website or in open forum.  Some people may agree, some people may laugh, but if this is something you NEED, then YOU need to start it.

Good Luck-

www.esterbrook.net All Esterbrook, All the time.
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