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An interesting vintageish something that fell out of the workbench
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A friend of mine down in FL is having his birthday next month & wanting to do something special for him I decided to make his present this year. He's even more quirky than I am. He's into vintage pens like all of us & is also a Tobacconist. One of his quirks is he only smokes non filters BUT he won't smoke a cigarette with out a filtered cigarette holder. Think Hunter Thompson & those sort of things.

While browsing the net, inspiration struck.

I went to the parts bin & found this really pretty mottled red & blue celluloid lever filler barrel I've had here for years & just couldn't find a cap for. Hop in the car for a quick trip to the smoke shop for a few suplies.

Get hack to the shop & sit down to see just how I'm going to make this thing work. As it turns out it wasn't too hard at all.

I took a 6" piece of brass tubing that fit the OD of his cig. Drilled a hole in the center of the barrel end. Took a heavy pointed punch & dimpled the tube in 2 places on either side. Slathered a layer of epoxy between the lever & near what will be the the mouth piece end. Slid it together & let it set up for a few hours. found a smaller piece of nesting tubing cut it so the ends of the tube (mouth piece end) lined up with the inner tube resting against the dimples to keep it from moving around. Took the coupler & mouthpiece off the little metal pipe I picked up for the project. You know the type I'm talking about. LOL, the ones hippies use for 'alternative tobacco' uses. wink Epoxied the coupler to the end of the tube & nib side of the barrel. Let that set up for a bit as well. took one of the Dr. Graybo pipe filters I picked up & slid it into the inner tube, put the mouthpiece on w/ an O ring for a tight seal. Buffed, polished & this is what fell out in the end.

Total length is 5 3/8", just about the same size as a capped pen. I'm considering adding a slie on clip so he can carry it in his shirt pocket when not in use.

I hope he thinks it's as cool as I do. Being as quirky as he is I have no doubt he'll love it...lol.

What ch'a think?


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