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HisNibs.com update -- They come, they go...
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HisNibs.com update -- They come, they go...
February 9th, 2015


Following up on the great success of the Conklin Duragraph
http://hisnibs.com/duragraph.htm (which are again in stock), Conklin
introduces another instant classic -- the oversized All American collection

The All American is what came in. What's going, in the natural rotation of a
model's lifespan, is the Conklin Endura 2 http://hisnibs.com/endura_2.htm.
These have done very well for us over the years, but Conklin has now retired
the model as it introduces new ones. I ordered the remaining stock they had
last week, but what I have on hand is the end of them!

Read further in the newsletter for some last minute Valentine's Day fountain
pen suggestions!

As this newsletter goes out to a mailing list of thousands of customers,
please understand if there's a delay in answering your email queries or
orders after one of these is sent. We will respond in order received and as
soon as possible!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in this issue
* Conklin All American series
* Conklin Endura 2
* Duke Purple Heart Clip
* Duke Ruby
* Duke Harlequin & Cherry Vanilla
* Crocodile Outré
* Jinhao Black Top Porcelain series
* Jinhao Pearl Panels for her
* Jinhao Pearl Windows for him
* 'His Nibs' page on Facebook

Conklin All American series

Conklin has another hit with the new, oversized All American series.
Measuring 5-5/8" capped, 6-1/2" posted and 5" with cap held aside, these
pleasingly plump pens compare quite closely in size with the Montblanc 149.

Conklin outdid themselves with their selection of resins for these pens.
Each is really outstanding, especially in person -- and each individual pen
is unique in appearance.

Go to the webpage to read why a mistake makes these real collector editions!

See lots more photos here... - http://hisnibs.com/all_american.htm

Conklin Endura 2

Now retired! Only a few left in stock!

"Hi Norman, I got the parcel on Friday, thank you. The pens (MV Intima
http://hisnibs.com/intima.htm and Conklin Endura) are wonderful. MV really
outdid themselves aesthetics-wise with this one. The Conklin's size is
simply perfect. Most pens have a nib section that's slightly too small for
my taste but this one's just right. It's becoming my favourite pen. Cheers
from snowy Ottawa."
D. P-A, Ottawa, Canada

"Hi Norman, the order arrived yesterday. Many thanks for the quick shipping
and excellent service. The Conklin Endura 2 writes beautifully - the F nib
being a true fine and is very smooth and fairly wet, just like I like them.
The pen is quite a looker too! I think these newer Conklins are one of the
better pens out there and are much under rated. All 4 that I have (5 nibs -
got a spare stub) are superb writers and very well made pens. Thanks!"
M. W., Newberry, SC

"Dear Norman, It is a very good feeling for me to write down memo on the
paper. It is a long time for me to feel the taste of nib again. Thanks for
your fantastic choice (M nib). I appreciate your recommendation. The ink
flow is EXCELLENT (with Waterman intense black) and the heft balance is
S. K., South Korea

More here... - http://hisnibs.com/endura_2.htm

Duke Purple Heart Clip

This slim beauty measures 5-1/4 inch capped, 5-1/4" posted and 4-1/2" with
cap held aside.

You may notice the lovely purple/lavender color of the pen first from a
distance, but as you get closer -- or if it's sticking out of a pocket --
there's no escaping the gracefully swirling clip with the suspended heart at
its terminus. In fact, with the clip set so high on the cap, the heart and
almost-sinuous clip leave the impression that it's a pin attached to your

"Hi Norman, I love my new pen! I was so excited to see the box when I came
home from my weekend trip today. I couldn't wait to try it out and now that
I have I absolutely love it!"
K. G., Bethlehem, PA

"Got them today! Totally in love with the heart clip, it writes so smooth
and it's SO CUTE. Thanks so much for putting one aside for me. I had been
planning to order one or two when I got home after I saw the newsletter..."
T. M., East Moriches, NY

More photos here... - http://hisnibs.com/heart_clip.htm

Duke Ruby

"Hi Norm. Received my Duke Ruby pen on Mon. but only now have the time to
thank you. It's a very smooth writer and quite elegant with the filigree on
the cap and barrel, the Duke inscription, and the small but attractive cap
jewel. I am also impressed by the velvet box it comes in. Fantastic!"
K. G., Columbus, OH

"Hi Norman. I have to say again how much I love your wonderful site. Thanks
to you, I'm now a Chinese pen junkie! I ADORE my Duke Ruby, by the way. It
is so slim and elegant and writes so smoothly. Like nothing else in my
M. B., Hattiesburg, MS

Read more here... - http://hisnibs.com/ruby.htm

Duke Harlequin & Cherry Vanilla

"Dear Norman: The Duke Cherry Vanilla arrived just on time as a lovely gift
to me from myself on Valentine's Day. It does look good enough to eat but
after the recommended soap cleansing I put it to its designated task: the
writing of notes for a lecture. It is amazingly smooth with just the right
sort of line. Thanks again for your service."
V. H., Palo Alto, CA

"Hi Norman, I received the Duke pen 2 days ago [Harlequin], I have been
using and really like the nib! Thank you for your prompt responses and
excellent service."
P. D., Edmonton, Canada

"The package arrived yesterday, and the Cherry Vanilla pen is gorgeous."
K. H., Hamden, CT

Click here for more... - http://hisnibs.com/duke_116.htm

Crocodile Outré

"Norman, I just received this beautiful pen and wanted to say it is
absolutely beautiful and "writes like a dream." I take a lot of notes and it
is just perfect in size and weight for notes -- just works like a charm. It
works so well, that I'd like to place an order for another one. I especially
enjoy your personalized notes and as always, than you so much for all your
S. R., Mount Olive, NC

"Well this blows my mind! I had one of the original MB pens exactly like
this (minus the top "ruby") and liked the pen but not the filling mechanism.
So now I have the same precious resin :) pen and a sensible filling
system!...One thing I do like is that the "ruby" isn't deep red. It
actually looks more like a padparadscha sapphire, which I like better!...
I'm amazed at the careful workmanship on this, thanks!"
K. S., Omaha, NE

"Norman, I just received this beautiful pen and wanted to say it is
absolutely beautiful and "writes like a dream." I take a lot of notes and it
is just perfect in size and weight for notes -- just works like a charm. It
works so well, that I'd like to place an order for another one. I especially
enjoy your personalized notes and as always, than you so much for all your
S. R., Mount Olive, NC

"Norman, I received my pens last week. I really like both the Crocodile
Outré�, and the Monteverde Invincia Stealth
http://hisnibs.com/invincia_titanium.htm. They write beautifully and are
great to have on the road with me. Great pens and great value. As always,
thank you my friend."
K. H., Beverly Hills, CA

More photos here... - http://hisnibs.com/outre.htm

Jinhao Black Top Porcelain series

There are actually four versions in the series...but I think you can see why
I highlighted this on for Valentine's Day!

See all the version here... - http://hisnibs.com/black_top.htm

Jinhao Pearl Panels for her

"Hi Norman. What a magnificent design and writer! As you may remember, I
also have the Pearl Windows http://hisnibs.com/pearl_windows.htm pen, and am
amazed at the quality of these pens for such a small price. Like all the
pens I've ordered from you over the years, it writes like a dream. Whatever
you do to nibs before you send them out, really does the trick! It looks
like I have to order another one for myself...as my wife has already laid
claim to this one. Thanks again for the care you show and for bringing these
great designs to the fountain pen community."
P. D., Los Angeles, CA

"Hi Norman!, I received my Pearl Panels pen and wow does it write like
butter!, the kind I can spread on my paper. I love it!"
D. S., Canoga Park, CA

"What a great pen design Norman. As much as I like the mother-of-pearl
panels, I find that I'm drawn just as much to the pearl ones. You can't
really see it in your photographs, but they are iridescent as well. I find
it to be a very comfortable pen to use, whether I post the cap or not (I
love that it screws on both ends!). Oh, and writes great too! I've come to
expect that from pens from His Nibs.com."
C. F., St. Augustine, FL

More photos here... - http://hisnibs.com/pearl_panels.htm

Jinhao Pearl Windows for him

Please note: In my recent orders of the model, the cap shown throughout the
webpage has been replaced by the logo-insert, sword-and-shield clip cap.

"Dear Norman, my beautiful Pearl Windows pen just arrived. When I ordered
it, I wasn't sure how it would measure up to the reigning favourite (my
Sapphire http://hisnibs.com/sapphire.htm), but I was willing to give it a
try. I was surprised at how impressive and pleasingly hefty a pen it is.
After I prepped it, I loaded it up with ink and gave it a whirl. It glided
gracefully across the page like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! When I'm not
using it, I keep it out just so I can admire it. It's definitely a keeper.
The downside to my purchase? It's whetted my appetite for at least one more
of your pens! Thanks for providing another lovely product!"
C. E., Toronto, Canada

"Hallo Norman, the windows shocked me -- it is very heavy (which I love),
very wide and with a firm and steady writing. I am very happy with it and
left all my other pens aside for the time being. I am impressed.
If I knew i would have purchased the window panel
http://hisnibs.com/pearl_panels.htm too, guess i will very soon anyway.
Thank you!"
F. G., Switzerland

"Got the pens yesterday. Awesome, is all I can say! They are fine tuned,
better than I could imagine, and write as smooth as China silk! Many
A. K., Malvern, PA

See more... - http://hisnibs.com/pearl_windows.htm

'His Nibs' page on Facebook

Join us for daily news updates from around the world about fountain pens,
ink, handwriting and more!

Click here to visit our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/HisNibs1
'His Nibs' page on Facebook


Norman Haase

Regards, Norman Haase His Nibs.com www.hisnibs.com
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