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Post Info TOPIC: His Nibs.com update -- Jewelria, Pocket Rocket, pen rolls & new 8-Horse


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His Nibs.com update -- Jewelria, Pocket Rocket, pen rolls & new 8-Horse
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HisNibs.com update -- Jewelria, Pocket Rocket, pen rolls & new 8-Horse


First up is the new Monteverde Jewelria line. For many years the Jewelria
was a ballpen only. Now, in addition to new colors/patterns, comes a
fountain pen version.

We're happy to report the return of the Lanbitou Pocket Rocket mini fountain

Lai Yee found a great new material for her pen rolls, Nib Points, with
either a white or a coffee-colored background. The material can be used for
2-pen, 4-pen or 8-pen pouches.

We're once again re-stocked with the ever-popular 8-Horse fountain pen from
Baoer. The new Copper-color joins the Aged Silver and the Bronze.

As this newsletter goes out to a mailing list of thousands of customers,
please understand if there's a delay in answering your email queries or
orders after one of these is sent. We will respond in order received and as
soon as possible!

Join us on our Facebook HisNibs.com fan page which can be reached directly
at https://www.facebook.com/HisNibs1. Come join us for what has become a
lively meeting place for news about pens, ink and handwriting.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in this issue
* Monteverde Jewelria
* Lanbitou black Pocket Rocket
* Nib Points pen rolls by Lai Yee
* Baoer 8-Horse in copper
* 'His Nibs' page on Facebook
* On the blog...Most successful football play of all time

Monteverde Jewelria

Although the Jewelria line from Monteverde has been in existence for many
years, it has been re-imagined with new color finishes...and is no longer
just a ballpoint! The new fountain pen version of the Jewelria is a fairly
slim pen, measuring 5-1/4" capped, 6-1/4" posted and 5" with cap held aside.

The nibs are available in B, M, F or the new stub sizes. I've found that the
Monteverde nibs run about a size smaller than typical western nibs. Hence,
I'd classify the B nib as a typical medium, the M as a fine and the F as an
x-fine. The stub is a 1.1 mm medium. Please specify the nib size you'd like,
by letter or 'stub' only, to avoid confusion when ordering. Additionally, if
you'd prefer the look of the equivalent Monteverde black nib, just let me
know and I'll make the switch for you.

See more photos here... - http://www.hisnibs.com/jewelria.htm

Lanbitou black Pocket Rocket

Somewhat reminiscent of the best-selling Speeno pen I carried years ago
(sorry, this hasn't been available for several years), the Pocket Rocket is
a pen that will fit anywhere, and perfect for those times when a sequestered
fountain pen is the only way to go.

The pen measures a scant 3-3/4" capped, an eminently comfortable 5" posted
and a virtually unusable 3-1/8" with cap held aside.

Read more here... - http://www.hisnibs.com/lanbitou.htm

Nib Points pen rolls by Lai Yee

"Hi Norman, I received the pouches. They are simple beautiful!! Please
give my thanks to Lai Yee."
M. V., Shaker Heights, OH

"...my Pen holder is absolutely fantabulous!!! Again, Loving the Dragons. I
have my I Ching and Safari Lamy in it, and won't worry about them being
scratched up. Please give all accolades to the Mrs. for a beautiful pouch."
S. W., McKinney, TX

"Norman: ...and the pen roll was fantastic, too. Finally, a place I can put
my pens without scratching them. It's large enough to hold the pens I use a
lot, and yet it's small enough to fit into my briefcase. Another happy
customer! And I would also like to say that I'm amazed at how fast they
arrived! Your customer service is second to none!"
V. D., Princeton, N.C.

"My packages just arrived - and I love everything! The pen rolls are
lovely- excellent design- they are going to be so helpful. I know I'll be
ordering another one soon." E. H., Austin, TX

"Thank your wife for the lovely pen cases. They arrived fine and already are
in use and I am very, very pleased with them. XO"
E.M., Alexandria, VA

See all the versions here... - http://www.hisnibs.com/pen_rolls.htm

Baoer 8-Horse in copper

The pen is a full-sized one, measuring 5-3/8" capped, 6-1/2" posted and
4-7/8" with cap held aside. All three versions have an aged appearance to
their metal barrels which is quite fetching. It makes one think that they
were recovered from a secret cache of a long-ago dynasty.

The Chinese characters on the pen refers to the tradition of giving a scroll
or painting of eight horses to a friend as a blessing for a prominent life
or career. The number eight is considered to be the most fortuitous or lucky
number among the Chinese, and it symbolizes wealth and success. As one
source says: "Running horses are full of energy and encouraging spirit,
inspiring people to work hard and pursue their own goals."

"I received the inks and the surprise pen last Monday, which would have been
October 1st. I absolutely love the Baoer 8 Horses pen. It writes like a
dream and moves across the page so quickly I have to make sure I don't end
up scribbling words that don't exist! It's filled with the Private Reserve
Velvet Black and I love the ink. I knew I needed black, but I didn't know I
would enjoy it so much. Who knew such a 'boring' color could be so much fun
to use...I still can't believe how a pen could float across a page. I
almost feel guilty that I want to use it more than the other two I have. It
might be new pen addiction, but honestly, the pen is simply amazing."
K. B., Etna, CA

"Hello Norman. The pen arrived today. It writes beautifully and looks even
better in reality than on the website."
M. S., Orlando, FL

"Hi Norman, I'm gonna rave about the Baoer 8 Horses that came today. It is
the smoothest nib I have ever used! That includes many $100-200 pens in my
collection. Nobody is going to believe that this is a $20 pen. The brass
construction gives it a solid feel, and it balances perfectly in my hand
even when posted. I have the bronze finish, and am running Pelikan
Brilliant Brown - makes for a nice combination!"
T. T., Ann Arbor, MI

"The Baoer 8- Horse Silver & Bronze Fountain Pen is time past with its Asian
calligraphy and its engraved horses. The black cap with its striking gold
accent crowns this beautiful pen. It's medium weight fits snugly in your
shirt pocket and will be well noticed by everyone you meet. I love how the
cap fits tightly on the end of the pen, well balanced. It's like writing
with a royal scepter. A pen of antiquity is a welcome addition to anyone's
collection. I'm glad I acquired both the silver and bronze."
N. S., Van Nuys, CA

See all three versions here: http://www.hisnibs.com/eight_horses.htm

'His Nibs' page on Facebook

Join us for daily news updates from around the world about fountain pens,
ink, handwriting and more!

Click here to visit our Facebook page - http://facebook.com/hisnibs1

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Norman Haase

Regards, Norman Haase His Nibs.com www.hisnibs.com
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