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Post Info TOPIC: KY-born, NYC-registered, Grenada-living med student/FP convert


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KY-born, NYC-registered, Grenada-living med student/FP convert
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Hey everybody,

I'm Breck, aka Murderface over on FPN.  Just started using FPs again over the summer after realizing how bad taking tons of notes with a bp sucks.

My current "collection" consists of:

Lamy 2000 XF with a 10% Black/ 90% Galileo Brown mix
1948 (4th q) P51 with Legal Lapis
Platinum Preppy Eyedropper with 20% Black/80% Hunter Green mix
Esterbrook J with no sac and a 1554 nib (needs some work, to be sure), with no ink.

I've got "Da Book" and a shipment of junker pens from a full-time eBayer friend on the way.  Once I get some tools and supplies, I should have many more options.

That's it for now.

Glad to be here,




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Welcome to TFPC, we're glad to have you Breck.

Also welcome back to FP's. I can only imagine the hand cramps those BP's gave you. (shudders)

I guarantee you that smaller collection will turn into a megacollection after you start doing your own repairs. IMHO, doing your own repairs is more addictive than crack...lol. To me there are only a few feelings greater than knowing you just saved a vintage FP from the desk drawer of oblivion.

Da book is a great place to start with repairs. I'd also like to suggest the new repair book that came out this year. http://www.penpractice.com/page23.html. It's $50 plus shipping but it's THE repair book. I've also shot a pair of FP repair DVD's. (I can't say anything much yet, but they will be available through one of the major online retailers in the near future.) Then there is always the Repair Q & A forum. I'll answer any and all of your repair questions.

Regarding your Preppy. Would you be interested in writing up a review on it? I've heard a LOT of folk talking about these & just don't know much about them save they make a great eye dropper conversion & folks seem to love them.

What branch of medicine are you looking to get into?

See ya in the forums!


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hi breck. good to meet ya'!

preppy review... yes... please...

PS you are the one with the moray eel avatar.  ha ha!!

-- Edited by PETERPARKER51 at 01:51, 2008-08-27

Account deactivated at PP51's request.


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Welcome to the group!

Mark Ligget in Scotland UK


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Hi Breck,

Just started using FPs again over the summer after realizing how bad taking tons of notes with a bp sucks

You said it!  I don't know what your recycled paper is like in The States, but it's all pretty bad in Oz for bleeding the ink and clogging up the nib.  Sometimes you have to use a bp, and it DOES suck.

Welcome.  I'd be interested to read about your eyedropper too.



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