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wearever cartridge pens
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This has really been bugging the s**t out of me.  I have a Wearever cartridge fill pen and there are no cartridges that will fit it.  What a shame because it is such a nice pen.  Dennis had a couple fo ideas about how to fill and use the pen.  One being taking an old cartridge and refilling it and the other, taking silicone grease and putting some on the section threads and filling the barrel.  If I understood him right. 
If anyone else has any more ideas or comments just to get the info out there to people that would be great. 




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Thats pretty much about it. Wearever cartridges havent been made in 50 years or so & no modern ones will properly fit. If your dead set on using a cartridge, you'll have to track one down & refill it with a syringe. (you can get allergy syringes at nearly any pharmacy). Often times you'll find NOS blister packs of cartridges in ebay for $5-10 or so.

OR you can use a small schmear of silicon grease on the section threads & fill the pen like an eye dropper filler. I personally prefer to go this direction because the pen will hold a bucket of ink.

The Pennant isn't the only model that can be used as an ED like this. Prety much any Wearever cartridge pen can be converted. The Sheaffer no Nonsense and school pens are great for this as well. heck, for that matter just about any threadded section & barrel that is sealed (no air/vent holes in it) can be used like this.


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