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Post Info TOPIC: His Nibs.com update -- Remaining Mega & Delta limited editions


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His Nibs.com update -- Remaining Mega & Delta limited editions
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His Nibs.com update --
Remaining Mega & Delta limited editions
October 23rd, 2007

We only have a few of the Monteverde Mega
'Nabu' hand-painted inside limited edition
pens remaining in stock. Likewise with the
Delta Caruso celluloid limited editions. The
individual numbers follow, and of course the
first confirmed requests in each case take
the prize. It's a good idea to email first
and second number choices, assuming they're
still available.

In some cases I may be able to re-order more.
In others, this will be the end of the
limited edition (the yellow/black limited
edition Mega is totally sold out now).

Lai Yee's Cats pen roll is back in stock, as
she found more of the material.

On the blog...Skydiving from space

in this issue
* Monteverde Mega 'Nabu' limited editions
* Delta Enrico Caruso limited edition
* Lai Yee's pen rolls
* On the blog....Skydiving from space

Monteverde Mega 'Nabu' limited editions

Limited to only 395 pens of each of the three
paintings, these Mega Ink*Ball pens are truly
one-of-a-kind. Each hand-painted masterpiece
is painted in a reverse fashion (foreground
first, then the background) from the
of the barrel! Here's what I have left in stock:

Flowers and Birds

Great Wall


I also have a complete 3-pen set (includes
all three painted pens), which I
will only sell as a complete set:

Each pen retails for $395.00. Your price
through His Nibs is $319.00. The 3-pen
set (each complete with individual box) would
retail for $1185.00. Your price for the three
together is $899.00.

Read more about these incredible pens here: -

Delta Enrico Caruso limited edition

The Delta Caruso limited edition pens are
fashioned from a deep, rich variegated brown
and black celluloid.

We have only a few left, in three versions.
The rollerball/ballpoint is limited to 1873
pieces worldwide. We have:

The pen retails for $475.00. Your His Nibs
price is $356.25.

Next up is the limited edition Caruso
Rhodium-plated converter fountain pen (medium
nib, but nib exchanges can be made through
YAFA, Delta's U. S. importer).

These are also limited to an edition of 1873
pens. As I write this, I have one left in stock:

The pen retails for $895.00. Your price is

Last is the Special Limited Edition fountain
pen, which is a lever-fill version (also a
medium nib). This edition is limited to 873
pens worldwide, and the one I have remaining is:

The pen retails for $1200.00. Your price is $900.00.

More here... - http://www.hisnibs.com/caruso.htm

Lai Yee's pen rolls

The Cats are back! One of the first
patterns to sell out, Lai Yee was able to
find more of this material and she once again
has it available.

In addition to the standard smile.gifen roll, Lai
Yee is now producing a 4-pen version.
Although one needn't fill-up an smile.gifen roll
with 8 pens to use it effectively, several
customers have special ordered the small
4-pen size, so Lai Yee wanted to offer this
as a regular alternative. She's started with
the Cats, but will be offering this as an
option for almost all of the patterns (there
are a few that she doesn't think look good,
as too much of the pattern is cut-off).

In addition to the patterns shown on her
webpage, she'll be introducing more soon,
which I'll feature in the next update.

See them all here... - http://www.hisnibs.com/pen_rolls.htm

On the blog....Skydiving from space

"From where pilot Joseph Kittinger was
standing at the limit of the earth's
atmosphere, there was only the deep black of
space above him merging into a vivid blue below.

Beneath his feet, the curvature of the Earth
and the sands of New Mexico were clearly
visible. The Sun burnt brightly, far more
brilliantly than it appeared from the ground.

Looking up through the glass visor on his
spacesuit, Kittinger could see only the huge,
fragile, gossamer-thin silver balloon
towering 200ft over his tiny gondola.

This helium-filled balloon, Excelsior, had
taken him to the edge of space, bathed in
solar ultraviolet radiation and in
temperatures of -70C.

The air pressure was lower than that on the
surface of Mars - essentially a vacuum.

At that height, there was no wind, no sound
... nothing.

And then Kittinger took a last look at the
tiny gondola and did something unthinkable:
he jumped."

Read the full article here... - http://hisnibs.blogspot.com/


Norman Haase
His Nibs.com
Blog: http://hisnibs.blogspot.com

Regards, Norman Haase His Nibs.com www.hisnibs.com
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