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Post Info TOPIC: Black OS Sheaffer Balance, Tuckaway, Parco "Official Girl Scout Pen"


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Black OS Sheaffer Balance, Tuckaway, Parco "Official Girl Scout Pen"
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I want my clients and friends to be not only happy with the pens bought from me, but to never have to spend another dime on it should it ever give them a problem.

All of the pens I restore, sell or trade come with an unconditional guarantee.
Simply if it EVER gives you any trouble, a week, a year, 5, 10 or 20 years from now, send it back to me and I will be delighted to service it for you. It is my desire to let everyone know that I stand behind my work 100 plus percent.

Please feel free to copy the pictures and listing of your purchased pen for future reference.

All of the pens listed below have been fully restored by me and are 100% ready for ink. Unless otherwise noted.

Free uninsured first class shipping in the US. International first class shipping $8.00
296) Manufacturer: Sheaffer

Year of production:  1943-49. Probably closer to the '49 date

Country of Origin: USA

Model:  Tuckaway

Filling System:  Vac/Rod filler converter to eye dropper.

Color:  Blue

Material:  Plastic

Clarity: N/A The visuilated section is pretty clear (70%+) & looks good.

Nib Material & Line Width: 14K 2 tone medium

Trim Material:  14K GF

Trim Condition:  Good plus No brassing, but there are a couple of minor use marks here & there. nothing serious but they are there.

Imprint Condition:  Strong, crisp & clear. 8/10

Engravings/Personalization: N/A

Capped Length:  4 1/2"

Posted Length:  5 1/8"

Outer Diameter Cap: 1/2"

OD Barrel: 7/16"

Working Condition: 100% ready to go.

Overall Grade:  7/10

Issues:  There is some lighter general wear, but nothing to worry about at all

Comments:  After the conversion to ED this pen holds a LOT of ink for such a small pen. This is a great daily user & writes very well like you'd expect from a Sheaffer. If you look at the blind cap you will notice it has a very slight "step" between it and the barrel. Not a major thing, but it needed mentioning.

Other Notes: To fill the pen, unscrew the section from the barrel, fill the barrel with ink up to the inner threads, apply a thin layer of silicon grease to the section threads, replace the section, shake the pen once to flood the feed & write away.

This conversion is 100% reversible. The blind cap has been sealed with an adhesive that relaxes with heat.

Price: $30.00

297) Manufacturer: Sheaffer SOLD

Year of production:  1938-45. The streamlined feed on this pen was introduced around 1938.

Country of Origin: USA

Model:  OS Balance

Filling System:  Lever Filler

Color:  Black

Material:  Radite-Celluloid

Clarity: N/A

Nib Material & Line Width: Rigid Fine 14K monotone Lifetime. Great writer

Trim Material:  14K GF

Trim Condition:  Very good. In the cap pic there is a "line" on the clip and a "dot" above it. The line is just an effect of the pic. The "dot" is a small scratch

Imprint Condition:  Crisp, clear & strong.

Engravings/Personalization: N/A

Capped Length:  5 1/2"

Posted Length:  6 1/4"

Outer Diameter Cap: 5/8"

OD Barrel: 1/2"

Working Condition: 100% ready to go.

Overall Grade:  8.75/10

Issues:  Other than some very light wear & the "dot" on the clip the pen is in wonderful condition.

Comments:  This is a nice clean pen that writes like a dream.

Price: $150.00. SOLD

This pen will not be reduced.  My wife informed me (none too subtly) that if it doesn't sell fairly quickly it's hers. It's tough living with another pen junkie that loves OS and Sheaffer pens. (wink)

298) Manufacturer: Parker

Year of production:  Mid 1930's

Country of Origin: USA

Model:  Parco "The Official Girl Scout Pen"

Filling System:  Lever Filler

Color:  Mottled Green

Material:  Celluloid

Clarity: N/A

Nib Material & Line Width: Flexible 14K Medium Parco. The nib has a stubbish effect to it w/ a 2:1 ratio. I'm sure this is from the wear pattern of the nib and not a factory job. The nib flexes to BB.

Trim Material:  14K GF (The Girl Scout emblem. 14K GP Lever bar.

Trim Condition:  Missing the 3 thin cap bands. The lever has some plate loss to it.

Imprint Condition:  Crisp clear & strong.

Engravings/Personalization: Mary Porter on the barrel.

Capped Length:      4 3/4" not counting the ring top. (4 15/16" with the ring top)

Posted Length:  5 11/16" (5 7/8" w/ ring top)

Outer Diameter Cap: Just over 1/2"

OD Barrel: Just over 7/16"

Working Condition: 100% ready to go.

Overall Grade:  5.75/10

Issues:  Missing the 3 thin cap bands & plate loss to the lever. Engraved. Not really a major issue in my opinion, but some folks don't care for them.

Comments:  I've seen a lot of Parco's over the past 12 years I've been collecting & restoring pens but, have never seen or even heard of "The Official Girl Scout Pen" before. I won't call it rare but certainly it's in the uncommon club.

Price: $30.00

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