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Post Info TOPIC: His Nibs.com update -- Videos and DUKE


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His Nibs.com update -- Videos and DUKE
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His Nibs.com update --
Videos and DUKE
June 16th, 2007

Since the last update I've had a very large
re-stocking of most of the DUKE and Uranus
lines of pens...including the ever popular
Blue Spyder, Multifunction and Golden Rings.

After my initial foray into posting videos on
His Nibs.com, I've decided to continue the
experiment -- and am hopeful that I won't
scare away small animals and children. The
homepage now has an
introductory video called 'What's New', which
will basically mirror this email update and
allow first-time visitors to gain a sense
of...well....what's new! smile.gif -- even if that
refers to re-stocking of particular models
that *aren't* in fact new to established

Also on the homepage are two further videos
I've done on the Nabu limited edition pens
from Monteverde. The first one shows the
packaging that accompanies the 'Flowers &
Birds' model, while the second compares the
Mega used as the base for these Nabu pens
with a number of other pens -- size-wise --
that collectors might be more familiar with.

On the blog....A continuation of the 'missing
bees' story -- but with a fountain pen

in this issue
* DUKE Blue Spyder
* Uranus '2018' Multifunction pen
* DUKE Golden Rings
* On the blog....Stowaway bees could spread deadly mite

DUKE Blue Spyder

"Hi Norman, The Blue Spyder arrived in
Amsterdam today, it indeed is a very special
 design and a lovely colour too. I
immediately tried it with the Midnight Blues
ink, and it is really great, it feels like I
have been writing with it for years. Thanks
for your wonderful service, and for making it
possible to buy these
beautiful pens that are are not sold here. I
am quite happy with my Spyder, but sure will
be back another time!" H. H., the

"I must tell you that the Duke Blue Spyder I
bought from you writes extremely well, on
many surfaces and it has now become one of
two regular pens I carry with me (The other
one is a medium nib Columbus Progetto)."
E.D., San Jose, CA

"Hi Norman: My Wife was absolutely delighted
with the Duke Blue Spyder and when I tried
it, I found it to be one of the smoothest
writing pens I've ever had the pleasure of
using. I'd like to order another one for
myself this time." M.B., Newark, NJ

"A quick note to let you know the pen
arrived.  It writes very well, and the lite
medium nib is quite nice - even for someone
who likes fine and extra-fine nibs.  The web
by the nib certainly makes the pen an eye
catcher. Thanks again for the great service!"

Learn more about the Blue Spyder here.... - http://www.hisnibs.com/blue_spyder.htm

Uranus '2018' Multifunction pen

This pen has a liquid-ink rollerball on one
end, and a Chinese calligraphy 'brush' on the

Measuring a bit over 5-1/4" with both ends
capped, this versatile writing instrument is
a combination unlike anything I've ever seen.
This all-metal pen is finished in a lustrous,
deep-blue lacquer, and from the outside looks
like any other, normal Uranus pen.

Unscrewing the cap above the clip reveals a
super-smooth rollerball, fed by liquid ink.
The metal tip allows for the most demanding
writing, from the Sunday crossword puzzle to
multipart forms. But, unlike the pasty 'ink'
used in a conventional ballpoint, this
liquid-ink rollerball provides for a smooth,
skip-free writing experience, allowing for a
quick note -- or an extended writing session.

Pulling off the cap from the other end of the
pen reveals the real surprise however, a
self-contained, flexible calligraphy 'brush',
fed from the same ink source as the
rollerball! Made of a soft, sponge-like
material, the faux-brush allows for the
writing of traditional Chinese characters (or
Japanese 'kanji'), with a fidelity as close
to using a real calligraphy brush and ink
stone as I've seen.

Read more here... - http://www.hisnibs.com/uranus_2018.htm

DUKE Golden Rings

"Received it today. As classy
looking as my
Mont Blanc Diplomat, and might even replace
it as my favorite.  Definitely will be used
every day.  Fantastic value!" J.S.,
Martinsville, WV

"Norman, I received my Duke Golden Rings pen
today. At first when I started writing it
didn't want to write without skipping and
being very dry. But after using it for awhile
it writes very, very well. I really like the feel
of the pen and its going to be used everyday
I am sure. I am very surprised that a pen
that costs only $35 writes so well, but I am
very pleased." J.R. Midland, MI

"These "oversized" Duke pens are outstanding!
I find the smaller ones hard to hold, but
these new ones you have are great!!!" R.W.
Lewis Center, OH

"Hello Norman, Golden Rings arrived safely.
Very well made and great value for money, I'm
delighted with it." R.W., Glasgow, U.K.

Learn more here.... - http://www.hisnibs.com/golden_rings.htm

On the blog....Stowaway bees could spread deadly mite

"Diseased honey bees could threaten billions
of dollars worth of honey production and
pollination if they breach Australia's border
controls, beekeepers say."...

Here we have another entry in the continuing
story about the plight of honeybees in the
world. This one even has a fountain pen
connection in the penultimate -- pun intended
-- paragraph of the article.

..."In one case, sniffer dogs found a
passenger with six queen bees hidden in a
fountain pen."

On another front, you might enjoy scrolling
down in the blog to the June 14th entry
entitled "Physics Guy Rap". Just make sure
your speakers are on!

Read more here.... - http://hisnibs.blogspot.com


Norman Haase
His Nibs.com
Blog: http://hisnibs.blogspot.com

Regards, Norman Haase His Nibs.com www.hisnibs.com
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