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Post Info TOPIC: HisNibs.com update -- Post-Halloween Sale and FPD Raffle Results


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HisNibs.com update -- Post-Halloween Sale and FPD Raffle Results
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HisNibs.com update -- Post-Halloween Sale and FPD Raffle Results

Greetings all,

Our Halloween selection of writing-related items was a big success as usual,
but we have a few items still in stock. Rather than keep them until next
year, we're offering a Scary 35%-off Halloween Sale
http://hisnibs.com/halloween.htm now. This includes journals, pen cups,
pens, etc. Take a look -- if you dare!

Our FPD (Fountain Pen Day) raffle was also a great experience. See the
results http://hisnibs.com/fpd.htm for yourself.

There's a new Monteverde Stylus Tool pen
-- in Red! So far, it's only available as a ballpoint, but it's a real
looker. As I write this, we have the Yellow, Black and Silver in the
fountain pen versions as well.

The Jinhao Dragon Pearl
series is a perennial favorite.

As this newsletter goes out to a mailing list of thousands of customers,
please understand if there's a delay in answering your email queries or
orders after one of these is sent. We will respond in order received and as
soon as possible!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in this issue
* Scary Post-Halloween Sale
* Fountain Pen Day raffle results
* Monteverde Stylus Tool ballpoint in Red
* Jinhao Dragon Pearl series
* 'His Nibs' page on Facebook

Scary Post-Halloween Sale

Halloween 2014 has passed -- but don't you still need a Zombie Journal to
record your screams while watching the 'The Walking Dead' or a Gargoyle Pen
Cup to protect your favorite fountain pens? Of course you do!

Well, they're now 35%-off from their pre-Halloween price and my wife is
getting a bit nervous about having these ghouls still in the house! Check
them all out while the sale is still 'alive'.

See everything here... - http://hisnibs.com/halloween.htm

Fountain Pen Day raffle results

The raffle winner Van A. Harvey and his late, trusted sidekick Bilbo Baggins

Dr. Harvey was the winner of our Fountain Pen Day Jinhao Tiger Overlay
prize, and said:

"Dear Norman: What a pleasant surprise. I don't think I've ever won a
raffle in all of my 88 years. I will choose the red version of the pen..."
Van Harvey

You can see the video of the actual drawing -- performed by the lovely 'Her
Nibs' here: http://youtu.be/PAcpX9Akbx4.

The actual drawing took place during the halftime of the NY Giants vs.
Seattle Seahawks game. Because my Giants were leading at that point, I took
leave of my senses and decided to give each of the many entrants to the
raffle a consolation pen -- the Dollar brand SP-10 syringe-filler.

If we'd done the drawing at the end of the 3rd quarter, when we were tied
17-17, I'd probably still have offered the consolation prizes. Then, in the
fourth quarter, Seattle got it in their heads to score 21 unanswered points.
Had the tear-streaming drawing occured at that point -- well, let's just say
that Dr. Harvey would have still received his pen.

"Good morning, Norman: Well, I guess we are on the opposite side of the
fence when it comes to the Giants and Seahawks. J A little rivalry is a good
thing. Thank you so much for the Dollar Pen! I do appreciate your
thoughtfulness and would like to select a black one, please. My second
choice would be a red one. Have a great day, and thank you,"
C. H.

"...watched the video. neat way to communicate. very generous of you to
give a fountain pen to all who
A. G.

"Hi. The Parker homage pen is excellent. The red (thank you!) Dollar pen is
J. B.

Read more here... - http://hisnibs.com/fpd.htm

Monteverde Stylus Tool ballpoint in Red

"Just a quick note to tell you the Touch Tool Stylus is now my favorite and
daily use stylus. I've past along your address to a couple of friends who
like my impressionist use of the stylus and they liked the little gimmicks,
screwdriver, level, ruler increments. i actually used the ruler to set a
scale from my ipad screen with a quick measurement...Coincidentally, I wear
a customized pair of extraordinary glasses; while in Starbucks, one the
friends interested in this pen saw me adjust a screw with the pens
screwdriver. While I have many miniature screwdrivers for that purpose, none
were conveniently with me. Actually, it has good weight and leverage on the
hexagonal body and length....so, another positive score for MONTEVERDE
D. L, Miami Beach, FL

See them all here... - http://hisnibs.com/one_touch_stylus_tool.htm

Jinhao Dragon Pearl series

"Got the pens yesterday. Awesome, is all I can say! They are fine tuned,
better than I could imagine, and write as smooth as China silk! Many
A. K., Malvern, PA

"I have been writing with this pen for a few days now. I purchased this pen
to use as a functional "desk decoration." It writes extremely well; very
smooth nib, nice ink flow, moderately fine line. Its a bit heavy in the
hand, and the very high relief of the design is not very hard on the hand.
Writing with it is much more comfortable than I initially expected. The
workmanship seems to be excellent. The nib is visually stunning. The high
relief design of the barrel is well-done. This is a fine pen. I am
impressed with it. Not to be carried around in ones pocket, but great on
the desk."
R. S., North Platte, NE

"The pen writes very well. You do a great job with your pre-shipping nib
adjustments and both of the pens [Jinhao Dragon Pearl Silver] I've gotten
from you are among my best writers. You do great work, have an excellent
product line, wonderful prices, and your business should be better known."
R. M., Flushing, MI

More photos here... - http://hisnibs.com/dragon_pearl1.htm

'His Nibs' page on Facebook

Join us for daily news updates from around the world about fountain pens,
ink, handwriting and more!

Click here to visit our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/HisNibs1
'His Nibs' page on Facebook


Norman Haase

Regards, Norman Haase His Nibs.com www.hisnibs.com
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