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Snail Mail List
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Since I have done this on two other pen boards- yes I was the creator and moderator of the writing section on Rambling Snail and FPN,  I thought why not do it again>

This thread is a place where people can post their name if they would like to receive letters from other people here at the site.



Lets give this a try then see what happens.


Always looking for letters

My Pen collection started as most did with an Esterbrook. I remember picking it up silver and black, thinking five dollars is a lot for a pen but it sure is neat. Took home and found that it worked, which was great, then the search for ink. Found some Quink blue-black and began writing letters with that fountain pen. Occasionally over the next few years visited flea markets and saw some pens but never as nice, did find another nib and the address of the company in a box (didnt know they had stopped producing). Too much school and too much work pushed the pen to the back of the drawer. Then my father in law passed, I was given a Parker 51 box full of old pens found a red Balance that was given to him before the war. Thought it might be repaired so I went to the net to find a repairer. Found so much more, saw pens that were still being produced that became objects of desire, I wanted more pens. Pelikan, Parker, OMAS, Dupont and Rotring, Bexley , Stipula , Krone. I lurked and I listened to several net boards to what people were using and what they preferred, found eBay and really started to buy. Looked for pen stores in cities I was visiting. And I bought more.

        My preference for nibs has been fine but slowly I have tried to get more variation in my writing. I live outside of New Orleans and am a officer of one of the Mardi Gras Carnival Krewes. To pay for my pens I work for an polymer company that produces what could be best described as transparent aluminum.   Then a little storm called Katrina hit the area and made everything a right mess. 

       Lost part of our roof several trees, some fence and my job for awhile.  Regrouping to help clean out the 3 feet of mud that washed through my work and getting things back to a new kind of normal.  Realizing that this could happen again decided that maybe moving North would be nice & began looking.  Found a job & got an offer in the South East of Pennsylvania where we are now just down the way from where they hid the Liberty Bell during the Revolution.  Many things have happened to me online that are part of public record.  My love of using pens has not diminished although the total number of pens I own has.  About 300 different pens have gone through my hands and I am left with 6 of which 2 I have never inked. 

         Early this summer I decided to start running and was able to finish a Halloween 5K without stopping or being the last person!  I am a voracious reader and can put away a book an evening if it interests me, and there is very little written that doesn't.  From Horror ( have the Arkham House 3 volume set of HPL), to History ( Just got Churchill's set on WWII but enjoy the span of it) to comedy and novels.    I have dabbled in art with oil, acrylic, pen & ink and now hand pulled lithio block prints.  Enjoy art and was extrememly pleased to be able to stand in front of my favorite piece of art while surrounded by many more ( write and maybe I'll tell you about it)

All in all I am a pretty pleasant person to correspond with.  And have been known to make some pretty ingenious cards with multiple moving pieces, mock telegrams and other interesting brick-a brack.

I've been writing to one person for over 12 years and have to say there isn't much in this world as pleasant as receiving a hand written letter.


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This thread just got a sticky.

Good move Kurt.

Getting ready to go out for the evening but I'll add my info/bio tomorrow.


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito
~Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them


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Looking for Penpals. smile

A little Biography

It all started with a red Pelikano school pen. It fell on the floor and the Nib cracked.
My great-grandmother send me a Herlitz pen as a Replacement. It was a good writer and followed me throughout the next years. Then the Lamy Safari became a must-have and I saved my pocket-money to buy a black Safari, followed by a Pelikan M150, a bunch of Parker and Sheaffer Pens, some snatches from the Flea Markets and finally a Pelikan 100N. My Pen Collection is very small compared to the Collections of most Members here. But I don`t care. I have and write with these Pens on a daily Basis, wish I could write some more.
I love a good Snail Mail Correspondence. So here I am, waiting at my Inbox smile.

My other Hobbies are Digital Photography, Cooking, repairing old Typewriters, tube electronics, Reading thick Books and starting too many words with Capital Letters wink.



It was a Rollerball that ruined my Handwriting. Now I draw pleasure, writing with a Pen.
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