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RE: Fantasy inks
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Chthulhu wrote:


Just a corrupted OS, but I've been too otherwise-occupied (and can't find my effing XP install CD) to do anything about it. I may turn the thing into a Linux box eventually, but I'm currently using its two drives as externals to the laptop, so ...

Sounds like you're making better use of it already!
But drop a PM if you want more help!



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Thanks! Between my old-school PC knowledge and my teenage son's expertise on the current stuff, I think we can manage, but I do appreciate the offer. smile.gif

-- Edited by Chthulhu on Monday 9th of November 2009 08:23:15 PM


Mike Hungerford



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Do we need a 'puter forum as well, for those who need help, tips & tricks?


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito
~Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them


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Frank wrote:

Pens. Watches, Knives, Guns, and Computers too!!

"You want to Believe?"
You sure you're not from THERE, Scott??

Frank :)

I was a big-time X-Files fan when the series was running, still big into Sci-Fi of all types.
I believe that without Science Fiction we'd probably not be where we are today technologically, may not even have PCs or the Internet for starters.
I have actually seen UFOs within 100 yards, luckily along with other witnesses to back up what I had seen, so I actually DO believe.
If I am from THERE, the Mother-ship needs to come pick me up, as it's long past time for my Inter-dimensional tune-up.
Hehehe, I've changed my Avatar, not because I'd felt slighted in any way but because I had planned to do so regardless.
I'm still not sure what new Avatar to make my own here on this new forum, I guess it will come to me when the timing is right.

I like seeing things from a different "perspective" than others do I reckon, just like the idea of seeing the Earth from the Moon.
Pens/watches/knives/firearms.computers, those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of things I can do.
The main problem for me these days is longevity of abilities and not my abilities themselves.
Having to take breaks all too often when doing anything makes it impossible for me to do anything full-time anymore.
Such is life, for me at least.

The idea of "Fantasy Inks" is intriguing.
The LCARS [Library Computer Access & Retrieval System?] colors from Star Trek are awesome, and if you look closely at the panels & displays they're also gradient.
I like inks that shade, they make it look more like a fountain pen did the writing than someone say using a Sharpie or a Roller-Ball pen, so shading would be an important factor to me.
What about video games, maybe have Resident Evil inks or HALO inks?
One of the most colorful PC games I've ever played was the Unreal series, up until Unreal Tournament 3 that is when the next in the series became dark and semi-colorless [mostly reds & blacks, very bland and lifeless, IMO].
Hmmm, Earthworm Jim series of inks, the game that started it all for me, you could have ...
Worm Brown,
Crow Black,
Professor Monkey-For-A-Head [or was it "Monkey-For-A-Butt", been so long I can't remember now. I have no idea what color that could be, Lab-coat White?]
Queen Slug-For-A-Butt Larval Yellow
Intestinal Distress Green and/or Snot Green
Plasma Pistol Red
Psy-Crow Sky Blue

So many ideas, so little time, but we can dream at least and that's fun!

I need to learn how to type without so many "errors" too, my hand writing has far fewer type-os.

-- Edited by InkaFX on Tuesday 10th of November 2009 10:46:08 AM

"None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain-pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try."
~Mark Twain~

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